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No other process can match the thoroughness of Print Security!

We offer a 100% guarantee that the photocopier and printer hard drive will be completely free of data.

That's because we don't use conventional "cleaning" methods which often leave recoverable
data on the drive.

Print Security uses the only fail-safe method for protecting valuable information ... we purge data to standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), destroy the existing hard drive and replace it with a brand new drive formatted for the specific print device!

Print Security will come to you! An authorised technician will visit your organisation and physically plug into the multifunctional copier / printer hard drive purging and erasing all data completely before the equipment is decommissioned, replaced, returned or removed from your premises.

A manual process consisting of a machine reset and restore is essential to discard any IP addresses, contact and email directories, proxy server settings and passwords, company and client fax numbers, forms or templates stored in document servers, documents left under the platen cover or company headers in the paper draws.

A certificate is then provided to your organisation acknowledging the hard drive is clean and either reused, taken for destruction or handed back to the client so they can ensure that no data is accessible. Then Print Security’s INFOsweep device reformats a new drive with the firmware required for the device to be in good working order for resale, decommissioning or returning to the underwriter.

The product has been developed with a holistic approach to be vendor neutral, covering all manufacturers makes and models of devices. This is a key advantage as nearly every organisation fleet of devices are mixed and very rarely one brand & model.

- On site HDD cleaning service for End Of Life equipment
- Periodical Maintenance agreements for In Service equipment tracking, placement and decommission is usually decentralised and unmonitored.
- Security Analysis and life cycle processes reporting
- Forensic Consulting Services
- Tracking and disposed equipment retrieval services
- Partnering solutions for manufacturers, underwriters/ financiers and auction houses to minimise liability, risk and repercussions
- Access alert anti-tampering kits
Don't compromise your customers or your company.
Call Print Security today for a personalised risk assessment.

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