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has been formed to bring awareness and a solution to an issue in the Australian and New Zealand market. With 15 years industry experience and a passion for print, director Jason Ganis received a call from a family member to alert him to a YouTube clip exposing a very large area of concern that has surfaced in the Office Automation Industry.

Since the dawn of digital multifunctional photocopiers and printers in 2002, it has been revealed that each device contains a ticking time bomb as they have been storing every print, fax, scan and copy ever been produced by the equipment in its internal hard drive. Shocked and sceptical, Jason immediately picked up the phone and called Digital Copier Security in the United States and arranged a time to meet to substantiate the findings. After countless hours of research, numerous trips to the US and 5 months later, Print Security was formed.

Whilst training in a warehouse containing 5000 copiers in Nevada, Jason uncovered that in nearly all instances data was accessible, one machine printed out a 70 year old ladies medical diagnosis with social security number and contact details with very little effort.

9 out of 10 second hand copiers tested also contained IT information that would make most IT managers cringe. Although machines had manufacturer system resets performed and were wrapped up and ready to be resold, most had email address directories, outgoing fax numbers, contact names, IP addresses of the company's primary and secondary email servers and in many cases, a secure logon password still in tact; a hackers delight!

Print Security is an affiliate of Smartprint Fleet Management, Laser Printers Direct and ifish finance Pty Ltd by common director (see below). With the common synergy of pioneering, crystallising and providing vendor neutral solutions, Print Security have an exclusive mobile data sanitisation solution that no other service provider has or can supply.

You must take the steps necessary to protect your company and your customers by making certain that all of the data contained in these machines is completely and permanently cleared before they leave your control. Print Security can help!


is the largest independent and fastest growing print companies in Australia that specialise in MPS managed print services for laser printer and photocopier fleets nationally encompassing all service, equipment, maintenance and consumables.

In fact Smartprint are the first in Australia founded exclusively, wholly and solely for the purpose of printer fleet management.

Smartprint are unique in the fact that they are 100% brand independent making us one of the only companies delivering flexible services that can be tailored to an individual customer’s requirements. Smartprint provides Intuitive print management software, printer hardware, consumables and service under one simple cost per page tailored to your volume.

Smartprint then monitor the clients machines and report any failures or consumable requirements on an ongoing basis, which we can fulfil Australia wide.
Business on the Move - SmartPrint Fleet Management - PDF (201 kb)

offers a range of financial products that have been developed to help clients acquire, manage and maintain our Business Solutions.

ifish finance is a member of Credit Ombudsmen, Finance Brokers Association, Veda Advantage and Australian Credit License registrant.

We have highest level of broker certifications supporting our own white label documents (Print smart and rental plans) to which some of Australia’s largest mainstream institutions and merchant banks underwrite.

 is a one stop shop for all your printing equipment, accessories and consumables covering all manufacturers, makes and models servicing Australia and New Zealand.

Our Parent company Smartprint Fleet Management is a leader in the Managed Print Services industry and through experience found that it is quite difficult to acquire wholesale printers and supplies, so laserprinters direct was formed to fill the void and provide a National online easy to use shopping cart site with exceptional service. In fact we are the first in Australia founded exclusively, wholly and solely for the purpose of supplying printer equipment and supplies.

Laserprinters direct  are unique in the fact that we are 100% brand independent making us one of the only companies delivering all makes and models that will fulfil an individual customer’s requirements and needs.

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