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Perhaps the greatest unrecognised threat in business today is the exposure your organisation has to sensitive information stored on your copier and printer hard drives.

While most companies go to great lengths to secure the data captured on computer hard drives, virtually no one is taking precautions to protect information stored on today’s highly sophisticated multifunctional print devices.

Most copiers manufactured since the dawn of the digital age contain internal hard drives that store data and other company information.

Just think of what your organisation scans, prints, faxes and copies? Usually consisting of, but not limited to payslips, tax returns, tax file numbers, credit card details, bank statements, contracts, Intellectual property, medical reports, credit reports and the list goes on and on. All deemed to be highly confidential information and all readily retrievable!

The threat doesn’t end at the hard drive. Often, sensitive company information is stored elsewhere in the machine. Customer information, address logs, internal email directories, fax numbers, job logs, network data, DNS and proxy server settings, IP addresses and even unprinted jobs usually reside on the equipment.

Adding to the concern, a majority of the copiers in organisations today offer no simple and effective means to completely purge the data they contain. While some manufacturers offer security add-ons, most users are still unaware and have inadequate protection.

As these devices (like computers) have a life cycle and strong second hand market, many of them are resold and put back into service or loaded into cargo containers and shipped overseas with the confidential data intact on the hard drive. The potential for breaches of confidential personal or financial information is enormous.

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In 2009 a total of 806,000 Australians were victims of personal fraud, this equates to 5% of the population.

Of these, 453,100 victims lost money, incurring a combined financial loss of almost one billion dollars ($977 million). This loss was experienced from unauthorised use of their personal details, such as a drivers licence, tax file numbers, or passports through fraudulent or forged identification documents.

Identity theft as a result of a data breach is estimated at around 2%.

More recently, an association of consumer data companies noted that one of the largest data breaches ever, accounting for over four million records, resulted in about 1,800 instances of identity theft, according to the company whose systems were breached.

Did you know that the hard drive on your digital copier may contain a copy of every print, fax or scan job ever sent to it?

Beginning in 2002, nearly every copier used in business contains one or more hard drives that are capable of storing all kinds of data. Most digital copiers and multifunctional devices in service today store these images even after a manufacturer reset or the machine is turned off.

Although it may be stored in a proprietary language or encrypted, once a hacker breaks this code, it is possible to gain access to your data.

Print Security is on the cutting edge of this emerging crisis. We are committed to informing the business community of this looming threat and to developing solutions that help businesses protect themselves and their customers.

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